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A&P Mechanic’s Cable Key Ring

Easy-open ring

I carry a ton of keys. I’ve tried standard metal key rings in a few sizes, mini-carabiners of various types, and dual rings with a quick-release between them, and they all have problems. The A&P Mechanic’s Cable Key Ring, by County Comm, is made of strong stainless steel cable with a screw ferrule closure, is very light and the screw-apart fastener makes adding new keys a snap.


The give in the cable allows each key to flex in place a bit when under tension, so keys and ring together conform to my pocket and make less of an uncomfortable, unsightly bulge. The fact that it’s both handsome and just a couple of dollars doesn’t hurt, either.

— George Cochrane

I only picked up this key ring a month ago, but I have sworn never to return to the old style of key rings again. I got so tired of breaking nails prying the ring apart and then forcing my keys on to it and wiggling them around the ring until they were completely secured. This key ring simply uses a very secure barrel screw to hold the two ends together. The end that pulls out of the barrel easily threads through all of my keys at once and then securely screws back into the barrel.

— Debra Williamson


(These two reviews highlight similar products with a slight variation. The ring by County Comm is made from stainless aviation cable with brass screws and barrels; the Hy-Ko Products ring Debra uses has a nylon-coated cable. Of the two buying options below, both include shipping costs two- to four- times the item price, so it only makes sense if you have something else to buy. Maybe it’s time to finally get those EMT shears for your grab-and-go bag. -- ES — editors)

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