Argentina’s Currency Woes/Muddy Water Filter/Nomad Stats

Nomadico issue #66

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Argentina’s Mess Gets Messier

You might want to book that trip to Argentina soon before the economy collapses. The government just devalued their official currency rate 18% and raised interest rates to 118% (not a typo). This after a libertarian candidate scored the highest in a primary vote–a candidate who promises to dollarize the monetary system (like Ecuador did) and eliminate the central bank. If you go, bring lots of hard currency cash.

Lifestraw Water Filters

I caught up with some reps from Lifestraw at a travel conference recently and watched them suck dirty water through their signature product as a demo. It’s an easy-to-pack item for backcountry explorers and hikers. For more standard travel, get one of their Go Series bottles with a built-in purifier filter.

Digital Nomad Stats

This article was last updated in April, but there are lots of fun and sometimes surprising statistics in here that I saw confirmed at the Nomad Fest of 700+ people I attended this summer. Some 56% of remote workers are North American and 27% are from Europe, leaving 17% for the rest of the world. These aren’t broke backpackers: the median annual income is $85K. 90% have a formal education, 2/3 are single, and nearly half are self-employed.

Chimp Empire

Here’s something unique to binge-watch on Netflix. A Kevin Kelly mention in Recomendo put Chimp Empire at the top of my viewing list and it’s incredible. It’s a 4-episode nature documentary filmed in a jungle in Uganda, but one with a narrative plot that’s more Sopranos or Succession than Animal Kingdom.


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