Argo 8×8 Frontier ATV


8-wheel drive amphibious off-road vehicle

We had to move stuff through woods and areas where there were no roads. We had tried 4-wheeler ATVs, but they were really only good for moving one person at a time, and not at all good for added stuff. Too high, not designed for carrying much of anything. Too fast, easy to crash in the woods.

We had no desire to try using horses, but I’m sure they would’ve worked really well with some sort of trailer.

These Argo 8x8s though, worked wonderfully. Low to the ground, no risk of ever tipping one of these, and with a pretty large bin it was easy to carry equipment. With eight wide tires, they never sunk into mud too deeply. These float too! So we could even cross small streams & marshy areas without much concern. Worked pretty good in snow too, but we never added tracks nor fought really deep snow.

They skid steer, and are very easy to drive. We never felt they were likely to tip, and they aren’t super speedy, so the only pain we ever felt was twig-whipping on our faces. We found them to be mechanically reliable too. Never broke down, never left us stranded. Easy to move them around on a simple flatbed trailer.

If this looks like something you could use, then I assure you it’ll do the job.

-- Wayne Ruffner 07/15/15