Armor All Air Freshening Protectant Wipes


Clean, shines, protects, and deodorizes

I started using Armor All Air Freshening Protectant Wipes ($9) about a year ago, and they are great. What makes them convenient to use is that they clean, shine, protect, and act as an air freshener — all in one wipe. Before I would have to get a rag and spray some interior cleaner on it, wipe down the dashboard, console, and door panels. Then I would have to rinse out the rag and get it wet a few times to rinse off the cleaning agent off the interior bits. Then after it dried, I would spray Armor All protectant on the surfaces, spread it around with a 2nd rag, wait for it to dry, then wipe off with another clean lint free rag. Then I would spray Fabreze on the seats and carpet to make the car smell better. So I was using 3 different products and 3 different rags. With these Armor All Air Freshening Protectant Wipes, I only have to use one product. I pull a few out and wipe down the dash, I use another couple to do the console, and then I use a couple more for the door panels. It cleans, shines, protects and makes the car smell nice all in one wipe. After I use the wipes on the interior, I use the same ones to clean the dirt off around the doors. I buy them at the local mom and pop car parts store, but they should be available at a lot of retailers and online in various scents.

-- Justin Lamar 09/10/18