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Nomadico issue #43

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Travel Prices Spiking in Asia

We reported just a few weeks ago that Asia’s travel recovery was slower than the rest of the world, but that is changing fast as Chinese travelers—who weren’t able to go anywhere for nearly three years—are flooding back into the market. If you’re headed to a place where they’re returning, such as Bali, Bangkok, Phuket and Singapore, get ready for some sticker shock in hotel and flight prices.

Common Online Business Ventures

Before remote working for big companies became a thing, most digital nomads were self-employed, working online for themselves. There are probably 100+ ways to make a buck online, but this rundown of 20 online business ideas that actually work from Ahrefs is a solid list of what the majority of those people you see in international co-working spaces are doing. Just understand that most ventures take two or three years to reach solid income levels, so ideally you start one as a side hustle rather than quitting your job and going all-in.

Kevin Kelly’s Outlook

One of the Nomadico co-founders is the legendary futurist (and avid traveler) Kevin Kelly. Here’s a terrific interview he did on Substack newsletter Noahopinion. They discuss the intersection of technology and the environment, the two sides of growth, potentially great future jobs, and the AI developments we’ll be arguing about for the next 10 decades. “The relationship AIs will have with us will tend towards being partners, assistants, and pets, rather than gods. This first round of primitive AI agents like ChatGPT and Dalle are best thought of as universal interns.”

Finding Cheap Flight Deals

Kevin recommends this 15-minute video from Drew Binsky on finding cheap flight deals every time you fly. I use a lot of these tips regularly but I found some sources I didn’t know about before that I’ll be trying out next time I’m booking. Just know that Scott’s Cheap Flights (US departures only) has changed its name to


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