Atlas Nitrile Garden Gloves

Super dexterity

My wife used to come in after a day of gardening with her hands roughened and scratched. Sure, she had gardening gloves, but they’d always get pulled off and forgotten the first time she had to do anything delicate. Leather, canvas, cotton — nothing would stay on her hands.

Last year she picked up a pair of Atlas 370 gloves at the local garden store. They’re extremely thin, lightweight, and flexible, so there’s no need to take them off. The palm is tough nitrile — made it through a season with no punctures or tears — while the back is a cool, breathable knit. You could tie your shoes without taking these off.

These gloves were actually designed for precision assemblers. Gardeners discovered them and adopted them in a heartbeat. They’re pretty easy to find at local garden centers (many of which also carry a heavier cold-weather version), but several on-line retailers stock them.

-- Jonathan Rice 11/17/04

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