Find local auctions

We live in a world where its very easy to go to the store or online and purchase everything new. While I enjoy this convenience, there are many things that I just don’t need to buy new. For this, I like to go to auctions. Attending auctions can be a very fun (and even exciting) way to get something you need, and save money at the same time. However, finding an auction that has some of the items I am looking for can be tricky. hat’s where comes in. allows me to search for local auctions by specific things I would like to purchase. It helps me sort through the good and bad quickly. There is a simple tool that allows you to search for auctions, by category, within a specific distance of a zip code. There is even a premium service that will even have auctionzip send you automatic updates every day or week for the type auctions you are looking for.

I have bought all types of tools, housewares, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, antiques, and all manner of other things at great prices by finding auctions with that I couldn’t find information on even in local papers.

-- Mark Yount 02/27/14

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