Back to Basics Toaster & Egg Poacher


5-minute breakfast sandwiches

This toaster is the same price and size of a basic toaster (about 8″x7″x15″), but it does much more. It can poach one egg or boil up to four. It also boasts a tray for simultaneously warming meat or veggie sausage. The real selling point is just how convenient it is. I place a few tablespoons of water in the heating tray, spritz the poaching tray with non-stick spray, add water (a measuring cup is included), crack an egg, pop in the toast, and return in about 5 minutes when everything’s ready for quick assembly and consumption. Clean-up is a breeze: Wiping out the trays only takes a minute, and there’s even a tray for crumbs. I never want to own another toaster.

-- Tim Plumley 01/23/07