BackSaver Grip


Backache-reducing rake/shovel handle

We live in Cleveland and shovel lots of snow (two feet last Easter Sunday!). I didn’t have a lot of pain, mostly “tired” back, but this handle definitely worked. If I you’re older or have a bad back or do not want the expense of a snow blower, this thing is probably indispensable and I recommend it enthusiastically. I found the handle itself loosened up after a few snowfalls, maybe three, but it’s easy to retighten. That can be kind of annoying, since we shovel on average weekly during the two peak snow months, but considering the price point, this is absolutely worth the money. And aside from being a lot better for the wallet, it’s also better for the environment (air and noise) than a snowblower.

— Glenn Mercer

I bought a BackSaver grip when I was in the midst of the arduous removal of about 2000 sq. feet of rocks from my backyard. I didn’t do it all personally, but I did a lot of shoveling and after a few hours per day, I always developed some degree of back strain, which tended to get worse the next day (eventually I had to get the build-up of muscle torque massaged out of my back). In the middle of the project I found the BackSaver at Ace Hardware. If it were cheaper, I’d get one for every long-handled tool I own because it made a huge difference finishing the rock-shoveling. I was grateful again when I went on to move 15 cubic yards of compost from my front driveway to backyard. It allows you to lift the shovel without reaching down as far, and although it looks like a short difference in distance, you can really feel the difference. I recommend this to anyone who has a big job ahead of them or just fears the freak movement that causes their back to give out. I’ve only had to retighten the grip once, although, to be fair, I have moved it from one tool to another a few times since I’ve had it. One thing to know: in order to accommodate handles of various diameters, the bolts that it installs with are long enough that they stick out a bit when installed on a narrow handle. However, the manufacturer provides little rubber caps so the sticking out bolts don’t catch on stuff.

— Amanda Redmond-Neal