Battery-Powered Gas Can Pump


Easy fuel transfer

If any of you have ever tried to refuel a car, lawnmower, or generator from a gas can you will know how heavy, difficult and messy it can be, especially with the new EPA spouts.  Ironically these new spouts were designed to reduce vapor loss, but the spring-loaded mechanism ends up spilling fuel everywhere which is wasteful, dangerous, and even worse for the environment (especially if you are fuelling a boat on the water).

I just used this battery-powered pump gas can pump by Terapump over a 4 day weekend keeping 3 generators going for 20 hours a day and it was a game-changer. It can move almost any fluid including gas, diesel, or water, but the use case for refueling is just amazing. You leave the fuel can on the ground, clip the refueling spout to the thing you are fueling, and press the green button.  It fills faster than gravity and automatically turns off when full. It even has a nice little receiver for the spout so it doesn’t get dirty, wet, or drip on anything.  It uses 4 AA batteries and ran all weekend for me on a set of rechargeables.  It comes with adapters for most fuel and water cans, and there are more available online.  I now just leave mine as the gas cap to my main fuel can so it is always ready to go.
-- Alexander Rose 02/1/21

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