Battery Powered Soldering Iron


Soldering on the go

I have been on a kick trying to make as many of my tools work with the battery system of all my power tools. (see my previous review of Makita battery powered hot glue gun).  By far my favorite tool like this so far are tool battery-powered soldering irons, with amazing programmable functionality and OLED screens.  I use Makita tools, so I ordered this one, but there are Dewalt and Milwaukee versions as well as other battery adapters that would get you to any version of your choice.  These seem to all be made by artisans by 3D printing the adapter to their nice soldering iron hardware/software setup.

The beauty of a cordless soldering iron is that there are many instances where you need to solder just one or two wires, sometimes on your vehicle, or an event.  In those cases running a power cord can be a pain, whereas one of these units allows you to power up with any batteries you may already own for your tools.  The Mak ita battery powered one I got also has some of the nicest features of any soldering iron I have ever used, and you can tune all of those in the simple menu system.  Things like “quick power boost,” “shake to start,” and programmable time shut down make it my new go to soldering station unless I am working on things for a long period of time.

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-- Alexander Rose 04/11/22

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