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Beeswax Crayons


Heirloom crayons

Are crayons really a cool tool? Yes, if you buy the right crayons. We bought these Stockman Beeswax block crayons when my first daughter was one. All four of my children used them and we (amazingly) still have all eight of them. The block shape is perfect for toddler, child and adult-sized hands. There are no labels to peel off, no points to have to sharpen, and they are almost impossible to break under normal circumstances. They can be used to draw hard lines or do shading. They last an incredibly long time, since they are harder than standard crayons. They come in a nice tin that snaps and stays closed (and it continues to work after 20 years!) The only thing these crayons don’t do is fine-point coloring, but isn’t that what colored pencils are for? If you have kids or plan to have kids, make a lifetime investment and buy a set of these block crayons. In 20 years, you’ll thank me!

-- Martin Lange 08/21/19