Belkin Concealed Surge Protector

Hide wires, wall-warts

Despite all the wireless, Bluetooth and battery-operated electronics in my life, almost every room in our home still feels overrun with cords, AC adapters, wires, plugs, cables, and more cords. This surge protector with a simple hinged plastic cover has done aesthetic and functional wonders for the living room. Our media cabinet already obscures the electrical mess from the Tivo, Apple TV, receiver, PlayStation, et al. But our Roomba lives under a vintage breakfront that houses, among other devices, a delicate glass lamp. Not only does this plastic white box keep the cables and plugs hidden from view, but it’s big and heavy enough Roomba doesn’t mess with it — no more inadvertent cord snags from said vacuum bot! Some users report that cramming an assortment of particularly-hefty or odd-shaped wall-warts and thicker wires is problematic. Fair enough. I couldn’t get mine closed trying to plug in an Apple AirPort Express. Nevertheless, with 11 three-prong outlets — as well as Ethernet and phone ports — this protector can manage a lot of everyday e-stuff.

-- Steven Leckart 02/25/09

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