Bemis Easy-Clean Toilet Seat


Detachable WC seat

This toilet seat’s plastic hinges are equipped with seat anchors that allow the seat to be removed for toilet cleaning. A simple twist of two locking knobs and the seat lifts off; reversing the procedure re-locks the seat. It makes an awkward job very simple. My toilet is so much easier to clean completely. The area around the hinges is much cleaner due to easier access. Still one of the best ideas for the bathroom I’ve ever seen. There are various colors and incarnations on Amazon that cost more than $30. I purchased the cheapest basic style at the local Home Depot for less than $12.

-- Lester Coats 07/25/08

(Although we're recommending this product, I'm personally not thrilled with the manufacturer's "what women want" slogan. -- SL — editors)