Bessey Ratcheting Spring Clamps


Quick-release clamping

A significant improvement to the original screw clamp, these ratcheting spring clamps feature quick releases similar to a vice grip. You can hold your project in place with one hand and attach the clamp with the other — all with one squeeze of a trigger. Allows you to spend more time on your project and less time screwing around (…and around, and around).

We purchased two of the four-inch clamps at Lowe’s about a year ago and use them a lot in our boat repairs. In the last month, they’ve come in handy on two projects: to hold an awkward[shaped piece of fiberglass in place while we trimmed it; and to clamp some teak to the workbench so that it could be sanded. We have also used them to attach a straightedge to 4×8 pieces of plywood to provide a cutting guide.

We don’t normally take the clamps with us out to sea (or let any of our tools get wet for that matter) so they should hold up fine. The clamps are made out of heavy duty resin, so they should never rust; this also explains why they’re so lightweight, especially compared to old-fashioned metal clamps.

-- Nancy Roth 03/24/09

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