Best Board for Classroom Electronics

BBC micro:bit Go Bundle

Tools (Recommended):
BBC micro:bit Go Bundle ($16-$20)

Guest: Ryan Jenkins

“So at Wonderful Idea C. we’re all about doing workshops that allow kids to quickly become engaged with art and science and technology. And I think the low threshold nature of this board is one of its best qualities.

So the idea is that this allows you to do the same sort of thing that an Arduino does. You can control inputs and outputs in the real world. You can connect this board to things like motors or LEDs and also switches and sensors.

But to me, what makes this a really low threshold tool for experimenting is the fact that there’s a lot of things already built into the board. So there’s an LED screen right on the front so you can start to immediately get feedback about what you’re doing. There’s two small buttons so you can immediately start to have inputs without having to worry about small wires and breadboards. This board also has an accelerometer and a compass on it. So you can right away start moving the board and then affecting something else in the real world.”

-- Ryan Jenkins 03/9/20