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I have a bunch of bookmarks, and I need a good favorites organizer to make them more usable. What are the best services out there?
— Philntex

While looking for the best bookmarking tool out there I used Delicious for awhile, but eventually switched to Pinboard which is a paid service. I also use XMarks and Instapaper too, just to throw in a tool that’s a bit more than a bookmark organizer. I originally dropped Delicious when they were going through their Yahoo issues. I wasn’t really unhappy with the service but was unhappy with Yahoo. I use each service differently:

1. Pinboard: I store links to individual articles that I want to find again. For example, I’ve many links to individual cool tools in my Pinboard account.

2. XMarks: I use organized bookmarks inside the browser to find sites I want to read/visit on a regular basis. I’ve a link to just the Cool Tools front page in my browser. I then use XMarks to sync these browser bookmarks from my home Mac to my Windows computer at work (and provide an easily restored backup of all my bookmarks). I also have Safari bookmark syncing turned on for my iOS devices. This means I have the same browser bookmarks on iOS, Windows and Mac.

3. Instapaper: I use this to store the full text of articles when i’m interested in reading them offline when I travel or just having because i’m paranoid the article might age away before I get a chance to read it (local news sites can be really bad for this) or if I want an archive of it so I can refer to it later.

Depending on your needs, they’re all good tools.

-- K. Vanh 07/9/11

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