Best CA Glue for Models

Benefits of Thin CA Glue


ZAP Thin CA Glue (Nozzle Tip) ($7)

Plasti-ZAP CA Glue ($6)

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Chris Rummell is a Bay Area maker, artist, and former director of the Redux Studios DIY art space. His mixed-media work combines a reverence for overlooked commercial art and design with a passion for hand-made craftsmanship.

On the Zap Thin CA:
“With a little bit of finesse you can sneak this [included] tube inside of a the end of the bottle. Then I’m able to feed it into really tight spots. That’s been super helpful in a lot of my model building so far. ”

On the Plasti-ZAP CA Glue:
“The other one I’ve been using is the they have a Plasti-Zap, which is specifically designed for joining plastic parts. They say it doesn’t mess with the the paint finishes or anything. I’ve not put that to the test because I’m a little hesitant to experiment on my projects. [Like the Thin CA glue] it’s got the fine tip nozzle on there has a little snorkel tip that you can add on.”

-- Chris Rummell 10/21/19

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