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Best Comment of the Week: Lightweights for Wheels Power Reflectors


Thin, light reflectors stick permanently to spokes or wheels

As a way to encourage you to write comments and to thank you for writing good comments, we award a copy of Kevin’s book, Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities to the reader who wrote the best comment of the week. This week’s winner is Koko the Talking Ape. He wrote:

I have used “Lightweights” reflective stickers. They are thin and light, and stick permanently to spokes or wheels. (They also make a set for clothing and gear that are differently shaped, and also plain tape and dots.) Like the spoke clips, they use Scotchlite reflective material.

The advantages of the Lightweights are that they are permanent (though removable if desired), probably lighter than these spoke clips, and more versatile, because they can be stuck not just to wheels, but to gloves, jackets, helmets, bags, etc. The disadvantage is that sticking them on is a fussy process, and easy to botch: the stickers are extremely thin, and the adhesive is extremely strong. I used the tip of an Exacto knife to peel them off the backing and place them on the wheels.

But they work quite well.

-- Koko the Talking Ape 09/6/16