Best Cordless Circular Saw

Milwaukee “Fuel” Cordless Circular Saw

Tools (Recommended):
Milwaukee “Fuel” Cordless Circular Saw ($220)

Other tools mentioned:
Milwaukee 2145-20 Cordless 360° Compact Area Light
Milwaukee M18 Cordless Rocket Dual Power Tower Light (telescoping lamp)

Guest: Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
Micro Living ($13)
Micro Shelters ($14)
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“I do a lot of treehouse building and that really makes it problematic when I have corded tools for climbing up in trees. This thing’s a combination of — it’s light enough yet powerful enough. So when I’m up, hauling this thing around or tracking it back in the woods where I’m not going to have any electricity, I bring this in a bunch of the lithium ion batteries with me and this thing will last all day and beyond.”

Regarding Milwaukee Cordless Outdoor Lights:
“Milwaukee’s got a whole set of all outdoor work lights, because again, I’m working off grid all the time. I don’t have electricity. So I now can bring my lighting with me even for workshops in the woods. This [smaller one] is awesome. It has these directional lights. It’s got a built in inverter so you can plug into it. This thing is just incredible and lasts so long. Even for emergency uses. But they have a telescoping work light. I bought two of them, I like the first one so much. It’s one of my favorite tools as well.”

-- Derek "Deek" Diedricksen 01/27/20