Best electric car bargain/Retro anatomy/42 best pens

Recomendo - issue #356

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Best electric car bargain

We love our all electric Chevy Bolt, which we’d had for 5 years. It gets 260 miles on a charge, with 200 horsepower, which has been plenty for our needs. The 2023 model goes for $26,000, but regrettably GM is going to stop making them and sell only a more expensive base model. Since the Bolt is the most affordable decent American electric car available, you can still get one now while the inventory lasts. — KK

Retro anatomy book

I have a small collection of mid-century science books for young adults, and one of my favorites is The Human Body: What It Is and How It Works. Published in 1959, this beautifully illustrated book describes how our muscular, reproductive, digestive, endocrine, respiratory, skeletal, nervous, and circulatory systems work in simple English. Out of print but inexpensive used copies are easily found online. — MF

The 42 Best Pens for 2023

If you’re a pen fanatic, JetPens has a very comprehensive list of the 42 best pens for 2023 which is worth checking out. I love to splurge on stationery and pens. The novelty of discovering a new favorite pen eventually wears off, so every few months or so I’ll check out the JetPens Samplers packs and order a new bundle (prices vary from $15-$35). I also think these make great gifts!  — CD

The wise gift

I hate to misuse my position of power on this newsletter, but I must recommend my new book one last time. Excellent Advice for Living: Wisdom I Wish I’d Known Earlier will go on sale in two days (Tuesday) and I honestly believe most subscribers will find the book useful, helpful, surprising, and inspiring. Not techy, it’s as broad as life. You are the recipients I had in mind when I compiled it. BTW, it would make a perfect graduation gift for a young person, or even a Mother’s and Father’s Day gift. — KK

View Google’s cached pages

If you are having trouble accessing a website, enter its address into ClickMinded’s Google cache search. It will show you the snapshot of the page Google took when it last crawled the page. — MF

Mobile phone museum

The Mobile Phone Museum is designed to preserve the heritage of mobile technology and it is nostalgia-inducing. The museum currently has more than 2600 mobile phones from the past that were donated and you can search by type, brand, year and curated collections like Ugliest and James Bond phones. — CD


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