Best Electric Precision Driver

Cordless Driver for Small Screws

Tools (Recommended):
Wowstick 1F+ Electric Screwdriver (kit)
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Guest: Jordan Bunker

“So this is not it’s not meant to replace your drill or driver. It kind of replaces the iFixIt kit for me because I have one of those as well. If I’m working on something where I know I have 16 screws and they’re all the same Phillips #00, I’m going to reach for this. I’ve been using it a lot for 3D printed projects, where you have those M3 screws everywhere. If you have [a screw] that’s like 30 millimeters long, you’re gonna be sitting there turning it for a long time [with a manual driver], but it’s a lot easier to just push a button.”

-- Jordan Bunker 05/18/20

(Now that I've purchased one of these for myself, I can report that the bit socket for the Wowstick is compatible with 4mm bits used with many precision driver kits, including iFixit. — editors)

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