Best Rulers for Lettering

Grid Rulers Compared

Wescott B-85 18” 8ths Grid Ruler ($9)
Alvin ACR20 20” Cutting Edge Ruler ($12)

Chris Rummell
Chris Rummell is a Bay Area maker, artist, and former director of the Redux Studios DIY art space. His mixed-media work combines a reverence for overlooked commercial art and design with a passion for hand-made craftsmanship.

On the Wescott:
“This Westcott ruler is a transparent gridded ruler and I find it super important for my day to day work. I do a lot of lettering I’ve been doing a lot of model making lately. And so being able to see through this ruler and lay out a lot of parallel lines has been really helpful for me. So it’s kind of the first thing I grab when I go to start working.”

On the Alvin:
“The grid goes all the way up to the cutting edge, which is important. So if I’m cutting one eight inch strips or whatever I can get there right up to that line. And then it’s got these little non-skid strips on here. And so it keeps it nice and firm. It also has the bevel edge in the same way [as the Wescott] on the other side, so you can do your inking or whatever as well.”

-- Chris Rummell 10/7/19

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