Biothane Gold Series Webbing


All-purpose strap material

I encountered Biothane Gold about a decade ago when a work project required a strap handle that could accommodate various decontamination procedures, fairly high temperatures (up to 150F), and withstand static load of 100 pounds.

Biothane is a standard webbing that is coated in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The result is a product far superior webbing in that it doesn’t fray, holds up extremely well to all weather and sun exposure, is waterproof, incredibly easy to clean, and can be cut with fairly standard DIY tools.

It also lasts pretty much forever, whereas webbing can dry rot, degrade from UV exposure, and get brittle and stiff over time.

The main benefit is that Biothane looks new after years of complete neglect, can accept pretty much any fastener (I have even had it sewn at an industrial sewing shop, but usually use snaps or barrel nuts), is incredibly strong, and can be used in any environment.

Outside of industrial applications, I have used Biothane to make dog leashes, grab handles for a Jeep, handles for a moveable chicken coop, and to replace rotted leather handles on a steamer trunk. I have since sold the Jeep, but the leashes have literally 3 scuff marks after 4 years of hikes and the handles to the chicken coop look perfect despite sitting in the San Diego sun and encountering the occasional weed whacker over the same time period.

My only experience is with 1-inch Gold series in black, but it looks like the line has been greatly extended to include different textures, colors and have reflective material as well. Great product that will stand up to pretty much anything you can throw at it.

-- Ross Carmichael 02/25/21

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