Bison AirLighter 420


Butane blower

I have used this tool through three fire seasons and I think it has completely solved a 40-year problem: how do I get a fire started or restarted in my woodstove? I have used hand bellows, air pipes, cardboard fans, and torches. They all work, but my wife and I have begun to get sensitive to wood ash. The ashier the wood, the worse our respiratory issues.

With the Bison AirLighter 420, I can keep the fire doors open a minimal time and along with some air filtration nearby, we are good to go. The reason this tool is so successful is that it is both a butane lighter (very efficient) and a battery-powered fan. Get the fire started with the lighter portion, then switch to the bellows. Too easy. I can go an entire season with one set of rechargeable batteries. The tool gets a battering but keeps carrying on.

-- Terry Elliott 01/25/21