Black and Decker Gyro


A handy screwdriver, not a sandwich

The Gyro is a cordless electric screwdriver that uses your hand motion to drive its motor either clockwise or counterclockwise. I bought mine impulsively while gathering materials to install a bathroom ceiling fan last month. It seemed like a nice high tech take on the old battery-operated screwdriver. I never thought those had enough torque, or held a battery charge long enough. Worst case? This would become a gift for my gadget-hound father.

This is a great little addition to my toolbox. It works as advertised: grip the handle to activate the sensors, and then turn the body of the screwdriver in the direction that you want the screw (or nut, or drillbit) to turn.

I used it to install two bathroom vent fans and their ductwork. I used it to drill pilot holes, loosen switchplates and old switches, to connect ductwork with self-tapping screws, and to install the new switches and switchplates. It worked great. Then I assembled a set of drawers from Ikea, and it still doesn’t need recharging.

It’s smaller than a  cordless drill, strong enough to do real work, and easy on the hands doing repetitive tightening of screws. I’m keeping mine, and sending another to my dad.

-- Mark Resch 11/16/12


• RPM: 180 max
• Torque: 35 inch pounds
• Voltage: 4-volt (B&D claims an 18-month charge's too soon for me to tell)
• Dimensions: 6.25" long x 1.75" wide x 3.75" high

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