Blaklader Work Pants

Super pocket pants

I was recently traveling in Norway, and found that the construction workers were almost all wearing these unique pants made by Blaklader. I found a pair in a hardware store, and have barely taken them off since. They have ingenious pockets, bombproof construction, and are completely unique from anything else I’ve ever seen. The pants are like wearing a toolchest wrapped around you. All the front and rear pockets have bellows. The big pouch pockets pull out and essentially replace a toolbelt. They have a great set of cargo pockets that are attached to the waist belt that can be tucked into the front pockets when you aren’t using them. They can at least replace a set of nail bags. The pants have hammer loops, and knife pockets and a cell phone pocket and chisel pockets and pencil pockets. They’ve got a ruler pocket, and as best as I can tell a calculator pocket (mine fits perfectly). The knee reinforcements have a gap in the bottom where you can insert a set of kneepads too (which they make in two different thicknesses).

They make my Carhartt pants seem so *useless.* They are reasonably priced too. I brought back extra pairs as gifts to a couple of friends of mine in the construction industry and they are really happy with them. The pair of Blakladers I purchased were the Heavy Duty Work Pants, in two tone khaki and black. I think they are #1680 in the catalog. They are almost a little too heavy, and I’ll probably order a pair of the cotton ones #1630 later this week from their distributor in Minnesota. Indeed they aren’t exactly fashionable. While Carhartt pants can be worn around town, these are a little too much for casual wear. It’s workwear for sure. I’m planning on giving mine a coat of waterproofing and trying them at the ski area where I volunteer in the winter.

-- Craig Davis 09/26/06

(For a cheaper option, please see the more recently-reviewed Skillers Super Canvas Work Pants. — editors)

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