Blinkless Eye Dropper

Applying drops confidently

I’ve had this little tool for years. You open the little container up and put in your little bottle of eyedrops. Snap it back shut. When you want to use the drops (for me, every morning while still in bed, half-asleep and with shaky hands) you pop the top back on a hinge–the top part being shaped like an eye-wash cup somewhat–unscrew your bottle cap and pop the top back on. Lift to your eye and squeeze the device; there are squeeze panels on either side of it. The top fits in your eye socket and keeps the dropper tip at the right distance from the eye, so you don’t:

a) blink
b) contaminate the tip
c) shake drops everywhere but in your eye, and
d) stab yourself in the eye with the eyedrops bottle.

Since I developed a tremor, the thing is indispensable. I don’t know how I’d get on without it.

-- Elle Walter 03/24/18

(Also perfect for kids; the black hood encourages their eyes to remain open. -- KK — editors)

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