Bogue Ultrasonic Jewelry and Glasses Cleaner


Countertop jewelry cleaner

My wife and I have an awful lot of jewelry and glasses that needed cleaning; expensive prescription glasses, cheap reading glasses, sunglasses, and all sorts of shiny baubles. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners seemed to be so cheap online (and get such good reviews) that I felt it was worth the $30 or so to find out if they really worked.

The Bogue Ultrasonic Jewelery Cleaner works great. The directions, which are poorly translated from the original Chinese, are useless and unintentionally hilarious. That’s OK, though, because the machine only has an “ON” and an “OFF” button. All the directions need to say is put the item in the tub, cover with water, add a drop of dishwashing detergent and press the “ON” button. After three minutes it shuts itself off and your item of jewelry or smeary reading glasses are now incredibly clean. Just rinse them off and be amazed. Really.

Our jewelry looked like it did when we first saw it in the jeweler’s case. We knew this for sure because our eyeglass lenses were cleaner than they’d been in years. Your small items will be so clean you’ll want to clean everything you can fit into it, so go ahead and try it. Clean your razor, your electric toothbrush heads, pretty much anything the absurdly-translated Chinese directions suggest. Drop it in and three minutes later it will be cleaner than when you first acquired it.  

DSCN43691.jpeg We’re nowhere near tired of it yet, so we’ve moved it onto the bathroom counter to be closer to the little things we will inevitably decide to drop into it. As a bonus, the blue light of the machine makes a nifty nightlight for the bathroom counter, too. For $30 it makes a great gift. These little cleaners have been out for years so their novelty may have worn off, but their utility definitely has not. We like keeping our things beautiful, and $30 is a minor investment for a lifetime of maintenance.

-- Matthew Perks 12/8/11

(Note: It looks like there are several nearly identical products being sold by different brands on Amazon. Most of them get good reviews, and it seems the brand itself doesn't really matter when choosing at this price point.--OH — editors)