Bon-Aire Ultimate Hose Nozzle


Best garden hose nozzle

As an avid gardener, I do a lot of hand watering. Nozzles, as a whole, are awful. The levers are hard to hold down, they leak terribly, they don’t last long, and their spray patterns are useless.

Then I got a Bon-Aire nozzle (I didn’t buy it, the company sent it to me.) I was like, oh sure, another nozzle. Rather use my thumb, thank you.

I’m pretty sure the first time I used it I was hooked, and I’ve had it for 3 years. It’s fashioned like a fire hose nozzle, and that’s the beauty. Easy to hold, spray patterns are perfect, turns on and off in either direction, and works smooth as glass.

Love it.

I have nothing to do with the company, just think this nozzle is outstanding all around. Full disclosure: I’m a staff home & garden writer at the Orange County Register

-- Cindy McNatt 03/22/19

(Update: Some commenters have pointed out that this model is made of aluminum. A stainless steel model is also "> available for $34. Also, for anyone experiencing a leaky hose these rubber washers offer a quick fix.--OH

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