Bon Ami

Everything cleaner

I’ve used Bon Ami cleaner for a year and a half. I have yet to find something that it won’t clean to perfection. I’ve used it to remove tarnish and other corrosion on metal, wax, grease, glued-on paper, soot stains and permanent marker from nonporous surfaces. It removes engine grease, wet oil paint and food coloring stains from skin, but isn’t gritty like Lava soap.

It also works great as a kitchen-cleaner. As it’s nontoxic, it is ideal in this role.

-- John Edds 06/15/10

(Note: Similar to the previously reviewed Bar Keeper's Friend whose active ingredient is oxalic acid, Bon Ami is an even safer alternative that uses feldspar, calcium carbonate, and sodium carbonate. For a more thorough breakdown you can read more here. --OH — editors)

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