Paper World

Boogie Board


Replacement for paper, scratch pads and sticky notes

I’ve had this for almost a year, and it has completely eliminated the mess of sticky notes I had accumulating all over my desk and monitor at work. It is a screen on which I write all my notes and to-do lists for the day. You use a simple stylus to write anything you want on it. Whatever you write on it stays until you hit the button that erases the whole screen.

The battery never needs replacing, and while it’s LCD technology, it seems a lot like e-ink, feels a lot like writing on paper, and if I want to save an idea long term, I snap a picture with my phone.

It’s light, easy to travel with, good for doodles, and inexpensive. Put it on the fridge, use it for work. Share a note with a loved one, play tic tac toe while waiting for a wedding to start.

-- Ryan Peeler 12/6/16