Bosch 10.8V Pocket Driver


Lightweight, heavy-duty drilling

The Bosch has the power of earlier, more cumbersome cordless screw guns at half the weight (under two pounds), meaning its capabilities really surpass its diminutive appearance. As an old guy in trades for thirty some years, I’m on a continuing quest for the smallest, lightest tool that can still accomplish a tough job. The Skil iXO Palm Screwdriver is great for household chores, but the Bosch — a step up in power, capability and price — can drive one hundred 3″ screws on one charge. It can really be used for all but the heaviest job site uses, and still fit into the tight spots. Typical screw guns require their own holster, separate carry bag, or just hand carry. The Bosch fits easily in my tool belt bag. It takes lithium-ion batteries and features a variable-speed trigger, 10 setting clutch, 1/4 quick change chuck, and LED light.

-- Jerry Garner 03/29/07