Bottle Scraper

Last bit o' jam scoop

I first used this bottle scraper twenty years ago while boarding with a family in the Netherlands. At the time, Dutch pudding came in glass jars similar to traditional milk bottles. This spatula was the only way to get out the last drop. Since then, I’ve thought wistfully about the bottle scraper every time I’ve tried to get gooey foods, sauces or peanut butter out of a bottle or jar.

Unlike most spatulas, the long handle reaches the bottom of tall bottles. The small silicone head bends to enter small openings, then re-opens inside. The curved head fits snug against interior bottle walls, making it easy to scrape the contents out.

On a recent trip to The Netherlands, I made sure to purchase one for my home kitchen. Of course, travel isn’t required. They’re sold online at Fante’s Kitchen Wares Shop. [They are no longer available at Fantes, but here is a similar bottle spatula on Amazon — MF]

-- Debora Dekok 02/6/19

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2010 — editors)

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