Breacher Bar


Tool for prying, cutting and pounding

Everyone knows you shouldn’t use your knife as a pry bar… until now. The EOD Breacher Bar is made to soak up abuse. It is a multi tool in the most primitive manner possible — a slab of 1045 high carbon steel, Rockwell hardness of over 45. This bar is essentially a platform for modification. A new version is now offered with a C.E.R.T. requested gas shutoff valve wrench in the blade area. Need to pry something open? Use this. Need to chop through a 2×4? Smack away. Need to baton kindling with a hammer? Use this knife… not your nice shiny mora. Modify it with your own handle scales, or just cord wrap it like a bad ass waiting for the apocalypse, so you can use your cord to make fishing string for survival and garrote your enemies in silence. While I both live in the woods, where I will actually use the gas valve in emergencies and baton firewood in more peaceful times, you don’t need my sense of peril to justify this purchase. It’s a great point of departure for an incredibly stout custom tool.

-- Seth Wilson 11/1/17

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