Living on the Road

Brightech Battery Jumper


Portable car battery jump starter

This emergency car battery jumper is about the size of a mobile phone, except 1 inch thick. It will jump start a car. I carried around one in my van for about 2 years before I needed it, and it worked fine. It kept the charge while sitting in my glove compartment. I hooked it up to my dead battery with its included cables and wham! Saved me a bunch of hassles. There are a number of these inexpensive Li-ion jumpers, and they all run about $10 per 100 amps. The low end, like this one, are 400 amps, and are adequate for most cars. I have not tried other brands, but Brightech is popular with high enough ratings. The $45 Scorpion model, which I have, comes with a case, charger, and adapters for charging other devices from this battery, serving double duty.

-- KK 05/14/18