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Brother Labeler


Quick easy labels

I highly recommend the Brother P-Touch PT-65 for a good labeler. Cheap manual labelers like the trusty Dymo work fine too, but they take more time, are clumsier to use, and produce labels that look, well, homemade. They also don’t stick well to many surfaces. The PT-65 prints ink-jet quality on durable plastic labels that stick to most anything. It’s quick, easy, idiot-proof, and actually fun to use. Once you pick up one of these, you’ll find yourself labelling pretty much everything in sight. At about $30 this is one of the cheapest models around, and it produces professional results. More expensive models are available with more features (fonts, tape sizes, etc.), but for my purposes, all of the extra ornamentation is unnecessary. The PT-65 does the trick every time and actually prints higher quality on less expensive tape than most of the pricier models. The unit is also small, light, and comfortable to hold.

— Dhiren Patel

We have one of these things. Does wonders. Labelers follow the ink-jet business model. Their profit comes from selling tapes. Not a problem unless you are a big user. You can try a generic brand tape, too.

-- KK 10/7/05