Brother Sewing Machine


Cheapest portable sewing machine

In my search for a dependable household sewing machine I considered used classic models, and new fancy computer-guided gadgets, but in the end bought this no-frills boring machine from Brother. It’s a great buy. This model is very compact (almost tiny), lightweight, and reliable. It doesn’t take up much room so we can leave it out, always “on.” It performs basic sewing chores plus other fancy stitches we’ve never used. Its handy removable lower “free arm” makes hemming cuffs a breeze. Best of all, at $70 new from discounters, it was cheaper than well-used heavy-duty models for sale on eBay. (I avoid garage sale machines because of a string of lemons we had that always needed tweaking, and because they are usually bulky.) This one just goes and goes, and weighs only 15 pounds. If there is a thriftier bargain for basic sewing machine, I’d like to know about it.

-- KK 06/10/05

(For a cheaper, newer model, see the more recently-reviewed LS-2125i. — editors)

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