General Purpose Tools

Buck 305 Lancer

Mini folding knife

I wanted a simple, small pocket knife; the type you can carry in your pocket without a huge outline lump or constantly being aware of its size and weight. I wanted a knife to open envelopes and packages, cut string and do the dozens of other little tasks that it can do because I actually have it with me all the time.

Folded, the Buck 305 is just 2 5/8 inches long, and it mostly disappears in my front pocket along with my loose change. Especially when wearing nice slacks or a suit, it’s the ideal pocketknife to carry.

Its scant size is one of its primary benefits but also a problem; I find it easy to lose this knife, and every year or so I end up buying a new one to replace the one just lost.


I’ve been using these knives for about 25 years, and it looks like Buck is starting to send some manufacturing overseas, as I wasn’t able to find a 305 locally last fall, when I once again lost my knife. I bought a Buck 375, which is an imported version of the 305. So far I like the 375 as well as the 305, and it was cheaper, too.

-- Russ Brooks 08/12/09

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