Bucket Mortar Mixer


Replaces the mix box and hoe method

I’ve used this handy dandy Bucket Mortar Mixer for a few years now. In my work as a remodeling contractor I often have to mix small (up to 15 bags or so) batches of concrete and mortar. These jobs are typically setting fence posts, small footings for decks or porches, and tile work. For large jobs I could rent a tow behind mortar mixer or call the Redi-mix company, but for small jobs this thing can’t be beat.

For years I mixed mortar with a hoe and lots of huffing and puffing. I mixed it on plywood. I mixed it in a wheelbarrow. I mixed it in a mud box. I mixed it right inside a form tube. All of these methods worked ok, but none were as fast and effortless as the Bucket Mortar Mixer. I first learned about the BMM from the John Bridge Tile forums. (If you aren’t familiar with the forum, check it out. It’s outstanding. It’s a Cool Tool in and of itself.)

Tile is a regular part of my work, and I do all my showers the “old school” way – with lath and mortar – rather than cement board. The BMM, which attaches to an electric drill) has allowed me to quickly and easily mix mortar right in a plastic bucket – which allows it to be easily carried. The BMM allows complete and thorough mixing of the cementitious material – which is essential to its strength and consistency. (As an aside, NEVER add more water to any cement based product than is listed on the bag. Concrete and mortar are significantly weakened by the addition of excess water!! If you want a wetter consistency, add plasticizer to the mix.) The BMM has made working with concrete and mortar much more tolerable. I highly recommend purchasing it if you do more than one small concrete project a year.

-- Carlo Giombi 05/1/18

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