General Purpose Tools

BuildTak Spatula


Remove objects from a 3D printer build surface

I love my BuildTak Spatula, I bought it from them at a 3D printing expo, and it was a great investment of twenty bucks. The spatula is designed to remove prints from a 3D printer build surface. I have a stable of 3D printers in my classroom, and the newest printer is big enough for me to lean inside of.

When 3D printing, prints get literally glued to the glass printer bed, and sometimes it’s a struggle to get them up without damaging the print. Printers generally come with a standard issue putty knife for this. I’ve also used a screwdriver. They are not the right tool for the job. The angle is all wrong. You want to come in at the very bottom of the print, flat to the glass plate, a putty knife needs to be flexed strongly to get it in that position. The spatula on the other hand has a head that is at a right angle to the handle so it easily slides along the plate; this means that the you don’t have to flex the blade. The large flat blade makes it less likely to damage a print, and allows for easier use on large prints. The handle is nice and comfortable and allows for quite a bit of force to be applied.

I also use the spatula for cleaning the glue off the bed. I wet the surface and can glide the blade along the bed picking up the left over glue.

-- Andrew Woodbridge 02/17/17