Bunn Single Cup Coffee Brewer


Brews K-Cup packs, ground coffee, tea pods or bags, and loose tea

I have used one of these for two years, and think it is the only K cup brewer worth owning.

The advantages of K cups is that they are clean because the coffee grounds are contained and anybody can make a fresh cuppa of whatever brand they want whenever they want it. They are wonderfully guest-friendly appliances.

The disadvantages are usually terrible coffee quality and expensive DRM coffee choices. The Bunn MCU fixes those faults, plus it is faster and it is durable.

This 10 pound unit has a stainless reservoir which preheats 14 oz of water at all times. No plastic taste, and the preheated water enables the unit to brew a cup in under a minute.

You fill your coffee cup (any size) and pour the water in. A sprayer head (not a simple cannula) saturates the coffee, lets it steep for a second, then starts filling your cup in many small, timed brew/steep cycles. The reservoir is replenished by the water you poured in, so you never need to fill up a tank. You always get precisely the correct amount of coffee without guessing because the amount dispensed is exactly what you poured in. In under a minute.

The coffee is excellent. I wrinkle my nose at the plastic coffee water my in-laws low end unit puts out, but the Bunn is as good as fresh coffee from any good drip system.

This is the only K-cup unit I have found with quality manufacturing standards and excellent brewing.

-- David Clark 04/6/16

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