Burden Cloth


Handled garden tarp

I never seem to live anywhere a cart is usable, and I hate wheelbarrows. Working in my garden, I’ve hauled everything from straw bales to gravel with the help of Burden Cloths. I’ve been using them for about 20 years, and have the patio (3×3’) and farm (5×5’) sizes right now.

As opposed to a tarp or burlap, the Burden Cloth has one-inch-wide stout cotton webbing double-sewn around the entire edge of the cloth, adding strength and durability. Burlap just isn’t as sturdy as the material used in Burden Cloth. At the corners, the webbing comes out and forms a loop before continuing onto the next side. The loops are probably 6 to 8 inches in radius; you can custom order them larger. I get the recycled cloth option (canvas is available for a little more), and they always come in interesting colors or patterns.


You could certainly make your own: get sturdy cloth, stout webbing, and sew away. You probably wouldn’t have to have a commercial sewing machine to do it, but I’m not sure. I could knit socks too, but I don’t do that either.

-- Gani Ruthellen 08/18/09