Butter Bell


Fridge-free butter

Some folks are comfortable leaving out the butter, as-is on the counter for days on end. For those who aren’t, but still want the convenience and pleasure of a steady, safe supply of spreadable-yet-fresh butter: You’ll love the Butter Bell ($16).

Begin by leaving a stick of butter on the counter for an hour, or just long enough to soften it up. Place the butter in the Bell, then add a little water to the base. This creates an airtight seal around the butter, discouraging bacteria. Voilà! You’ll never again be stuck trying to spread rock-hard butter on a piece of toast.

It’s a design that’s been around in various forms for centuries.

-- Bryn-Ane MacKinnon 10/22/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2009 — editors)