Cable Clamp

Re-usable cord cuffs

The Cable Clamp is a cord/wire/hose organizer I’ve found helpful, especially in dealing with items that have both long electrical cords and long hoses that can get mixed up with each other. In addition to keeping the long hose and electric cord on my pressure washer coiled separately, I’m using one of these clamps to hang my small electric chainsaw from my belt when climbing a ladder, sort of an improvised tool belt. They come in four sizes, including a Mega-size available from the manufacturer.

They’re fun to use — they close like a handcuff, with ten click-stops. They’re more expensive and bulkier than zip ties (i.e. an average tool chest couldn’t carry dozens of these clamps), but they have advantages over tape, cable ties, and other hook & loop products. They’re reusable and, unlike tape, leave no gummy residue. They’re durable — won’t lose grip after many re-uses. They’re less likely to damage delicate electronics cables than a thin cable tie. And they can be opened one-handed (and closed one-handed if there is a backstop handy).

Note: I do find they can be hard to open because the trigger doesn’t go back far enough to clear the teeth completely unless it is held down hard. Also, they can get temporarily bent out of shape when under stress — i.e. the jaw won’t go into the catch unless it is guided in by hand. And they are plastic, so they could get broken if something heavy crushed them or fell on them. Nevertheless, for a relatively inexpensive piece of plastic, they do seem pretty sturdy; I’ve used mine for about five months and haven’t had to replace any.

-- Roger Knights 06/13/07

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