Cheap Cable/Cord Control


Temporary computer cord routing

To make this cable control system you will need the following materials:

1. Binder clips

2. Magnets (fridge magnets will do)

Not only is my hack pretty much free, as well as capable of being assembled from stuff lying around your office or home, but it also works about a hundred times better than the tricked-out, fancy-pants Kickstarter-funded designer-esque iteration I wasted $39.99 on last month.

You can slide your clip/magnet towers along the length of the cables to wherever suits you; the combination of the size of binder clip I chose (3/4″ wide; 3/8″ capacity) and four Apple cables inside the closed clip gives me a snugly-fitting yet easily movable unit. They stay wherever you put them.

Some people might use just one; others might go wild and use them every six inches along the length of their wires.

Bonus: you can put notes and whatnot between the upraised clip handles to decorate your cable run.


-- Joseph Stirt 03/4/13

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