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Recomendo: issue no. 89

Free calendar scheduling
I use Calendly to manage Kevin’s calendar. Calendly connects to Google calendar, blocks off the times you are busy and creates a unique and permanent url to share so people can self-schedule. The scheduled event is then automatically added to your Google calendar. There is a basic, free plan that does this and paid plans with more features. — CD

Long-nosed precision marker
In my workshop I use a Dixon needle-nosed marker for maximum accuracy. This is like a wire-thin sharpie that can reach deep into holes or tug close along edges to make a thin indelible line or dot. The handle is fat for your grip, but the business end is only 2mm wide and several inches long (like a hummingbird beak) making it perfect for precision marks on fabric, plastics, metals and wood. This Dixon is a slightly cheaper version of a similar Pica brand marker recommended by Adam Savage. — KK

Website status checker
If you’re getting a 404 error while trying to view a website, it’s not always clear where the problem is coming from. If you enter the URL at you’ll find out if the website is actually down for everyone else or the problem is somewhere else. — MF

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones
For years, many friends have been telling me how much they like their Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. I had a 17.5 hour flight from LA to Singapore earlier this week and so I decided I’d treat myself to a pair, especially because the price was lower than I expected (about $170). They did a remarkable job of squelching the engine noise, and I was able to clearly hear Link running across fields of dried leaves while playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild. — MF

Treating nasal congestion
I struggle with sinus issues, and it’s easy to mistake a sinus infection for a cold. When over-the-counter meds aren’t working for me, I go back to using a nasal rinse. It instantly relieves pressure and makes me feel better. This is the one I use. I started feeling symptoms this week, and again it felt like a cold, then I read this article and remembered the only that really works for me is drinking water and rinsing daily. — CD

Get PDF first
Owner manuals and installation guides contain far more information about a product than either the sales brochure, the online descriptions, or even Amazon reviews. The manual will have exact dimensions, all the parts, and caveats about what it can’t do. So my rule of thumb these days is to always download the product’s manual before I purchase the item. Impossible in the old pre-internet days, it’s a no-brainer today. It has saved me many times. Regrettably, not 100% of product have manuals PDFs that are findable, but the better products do. — KK


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