Cappresso Froth Pro


No need for Starbucks

The Capresso Froth Pro has been a staple in our morning routine from the day we brought it home. My wife and I had a gift certificate to Bed Bath Beyond, and I was furious when she demanded bringing this frother home. However, I was proven wrong like so many times before. We’re now one big step closer to never needing Starbucks again.

It seems to be a fairly simple machine: a base with three buttons and a metal pitcher with a thing in the bottom that spins. You pour in milk and press the button. About three minutes later you have milk for cappuccinos and lattes. There are three temperature options to choose from (hot is around 160F which, as Harold McGee points out here, is ideal for making foam due to unfolding proteins.–OH)

Afterwards, you rinse out the pitcher and put it in the dishwasher. Once we changed from a french press to the previously reviewed Presso espresso machine we had all we needed!

-- Benjamin Young 02/29/12