Carpet Film


Keeps your carpet clean

Ever wanted to have friends over for a party at your house? Ever wanted to have a LOT of friends over for a party? Worried about spilled drinks staining your carpet? One solution is to cover it before the party with carpet film.

What is it? Picture a roll of Saran Wrap. Now imagine it thicker and more durable. Now imagine one side sticky. Voila! Carpet film.

I don’t cover every carpet, just the most highly trafficked areas where people will be drinking and spilling: outside the bathroom where there’s usually a line, up the stairs, by the entrance, in the coat room, and in the people-watching areas.

When the party’s over, it pulls up easily. Best of all, all of the traffic on the carpet film will have pushed the adhesive side down into the carpet’s nooks and crannies. When you pull the film, dirt will come out too. Free carpet cleaning!

Several companies make carpet film. You can get it at Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon for $10-20 per 2’x50′ roll. Wider widths and longer length rolls are also available. Make sure to buy it reverse wound (with the sticky side on the outside of the roll) to make the application process easier.

-- Joshua Keroes 01/16/12