Casio MQ24 Analog Watch

Simplest analog watch

Men’s watches are complicated by superfluous amenities, but if you’re looking for a simple affordable men’s watch this black and white-faced Casio is an excellent analog model similar to the previously reviewed F-91W. This analog Casio keeps the time without frills.

The watch isn’t backlit, doesn’t have a calendar, or any other function for that matter outside of keeping the time. But I love it, and in all honesty, there are few circumstances where I am forced to check the time under cover of darkness, or while under 100-meters of water. If I need a calculator I can get one, and most days I know the date already.

Overall I am very pleased with this minimalist $10 timepiece. It is simplistic in style (lucky for me black goes with anything), and if I lose it or it becomes scratched it is easily and cheaply replaced.

-- Sean Moriva 07/27/11

(This Casio is an even simpler and more affordable alternative to the previously reviewed Swatch Watch. — editors)

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